New Component: BulletPoints

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Have you ever wanted to do a PowerPoint-like presentation with SWiSH Max3/miniMax3? This new component will make your task a lot easier. The following bullet points are a screen capture of the demo component.


The BulletPoints component was derived from the ClipClone component. The ClipClone component provides a combination of power, simplicity and flexibility:

  • Flexibility from the user’s full editing control over the “master” movie clip.
  • Power from the component’s ability to duplicate and position copies of the master film clip.
  • Simplicity from the small number of parameters that need to be altered.

These same attributes apply to the BulletPoints component. It is only necessary for the user to choose an appropriate layout for the “master” bulletpoint (named bp), then the master bullet point format can be applied to all of the other bullet points in the group.

Text associated with each bullet point is stored in the parameters area of the component. This text is then re-applied to each bullet point if the format is updated. Insert and Delete parameters allow the insertion or deletion of  bullet point text anywhere within the list. This feature can save a lot of typing if a new point needs to be added in the middle of the existing points.

The component supports from 1 to 20 bullet points in a group.

A Glow filter is built into the component. This can be used to provide additional contrast to the text if the bullet points are displayed over an image. (eg. White text, with a black glow / shadow)

This component will work with SWiSH Max3 and SWiSH MiniMax3 with build dates of 20090904 or later, and although the component is not included with the 20090904 build’s installer, it can be download here. After downloading it, extract both files within the zip file to:

C:\Program Files\SWiSH Max3\Components\Text Display

Note that the exact location may be different depending on where you installed SWiSH Max3, or MiniMax3. We intend including the component in future releases of Max3 and MiniMax3.

An example presentation constructed using the component is shown below:

The source .swi for this example, can be downloaded from here.

To use the component drag it onto the stage from the Components\Text Display area.
The parameters panel is shown below:

parametersThe update button at the top of the panel should be used after making any alterations to the “master” bullet point: BulletPoints.bp. When this button is pressed all of the other bullet points are copied from the master bullet point adopting the same style.

The text for each of the bullet points is obtained from the parameters “Bullet Point 1” “Bullet Point 2” … etc.

After initially loading the component, you may wish to clear the default text. This is easily done by pressing the “Delete All Text” in the Delete / Insert section of the parameters.

Number of Items defines the total number of bullet points that are displayed.

Line Spacing defines the additional number of pixels that is placed between each bullet point in the vertical direction.

Effect Delay defines how long to wait before the next bullet point is placed on the stage. This can be used to cascade effects from the top to the bottom bullet point.

Use Glow Filter allows the glow filter that is applied to the bullet points component to be disabled in circumstances where it is not wanted. This may provide a slight performance improvement.

The Glow Filter Settings group contains the settings that apply to the glow filter. My suggestion with these values is to experiment with a few different values to see what works best for you. In general, only the color parameter will need modification.

The Insert / Delete group allows text to be inserted / deleted from the Bullet Point N parameters. The Insert Text before parameter, duplicates the chosen bullet point and moves all subsequent text down.

eg. if 5 is selected, then text from 19 is moved to 20, text from 18 is moved to 19 etc. Until point 5 text is copied to 6. The user can then add new text for point 5 while retaining the other points in the correct order.

The Delete Text at parameter does a similar thing, but in this case if 5 is selected,  point 6 is moved into point 5, point 7 into point 6 etc. Until all of the points have been shuffled up to fill the gap.

We hope you find this useful.


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