New Game: Memory

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This game will test and improve your memory. Tiles are animated in a random sequene. Once the sequence is complete, the player attempts to re-create the sequence. Points are scored for each tile that is selected in the correct sequence. If the sequence is remembered correctly, the next sequence is made longer. If the sequence is incorrect, the next sequence is made shorter.

The game runs over 10 “sequence frames”. This means a maximum possible score of 55.


The SWiSH Max4 .swi file can be downloaded from here. The file was created using the 20110620 version of Max4 and should open on that and later versions.


The .swi file can be edited using Max4. This allows customization according to a users specific needs. For example, the tiles can be altered from the SWiSH logos to a specific company logo. The size of the puzzle can also be easily modified. The text messages are made availalbe in the Parameters panel for modification.

The game is based on the ClipClone component. Changes to the number of tiles or layout (4×4, 5×3 etc) can be achieved by modifying the ClipClone parameters. Other elements within the movie may then need resizing and re-positioning to fit the new layout. The elements within the movie clip are described below:

Button_replay: This is the button that allows initial play and replay after the first game.

status: This is the top line of the text display.

status2: This is the area of the display that shows the current frame number.

status3: The area of the display that shows the current score.

ClipClone: This movie clip holds the individual tiles.

scorepanel: The lighter colored rectangle behind the scores.

background: The dark background that defines the outline of the game.

Modify Tiles

The tiles are contained and duplicated by the clip clone component. To modify the tiles, modify the shape within the movie clip “s” then press the Update button within the parameters panel for the Clip Clone component to update the other movie clips s2..s15.

I hope you enjoy playing with this new game.


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