New Component: 3dCube

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This SWiSH Max4 component displays 6 images in a rotating cube. The cube rotates towards the current mouse position. Parameter options exist to change the size, alter the speed, border color / width and to load different images.


The actual rotating cube is shown below. Mouse over the image to start the cube rotating. In this example, a size of 250 was chosen with a speed of 25. The border lines are colored white with a width of 0 (minimum width line). A drop shadow filter has been added to provide the shadow effect on the bottom left edges.


The component will work with SWiSH Max4 and miniMax4 with build dates of 20110620 or later, although the component is not included with the 20110620 build’s installer, it can be downloaded here. After downloading, extract the files within the zip file to:

C:\Program Files\SWiSH Max4\Shapes\3D

Note that the exact location may be different depending on where you installed Max4, or miniMax4. We intend including the component in future releases of Max4 and miniMax4. On x64 systems, Max4 and miniMax4 are by default installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\…


To use the component, drag 3DCube onto the stage then adjust its settings using the Parameters panel. If the Parameters panel is not visible it can be enabled using Main Menu |  Window and ticking the Parameters option.


Size – The size of each cube face in pixels. Note that when the cube is rotated the actual width can be up to 1.74 (sqrt(3)) times the specified width.

For example, a 250 size cube, will fit entirely in a 250*1.74 = 435 diameter circle.

If the size value is altered, each of the images is re sampled according to the new size. If the original image is no longer on the system, the image is unchanged. Note that a larger size implies larger images and a larger .swf file. The final size is proportional to s*s. ie. doubling the size will increase the .swf size by 4.

Speed – This defines how fast the cube moves when it follows the mouse direction. A higher number will cause a faster speed.

Line Color – Defines the color of the line border between the images. Use an alpha value of 0% if no line is required.

Line Width – Defines the border line width. A value of 0 indicates a minimum width line.

Images – This group allows images to be selected for each of the 6 faces.

Quality – Defines the jpeg image quality. A lower quality will result in a smaller and faster loading .swf file. If the quality value is altered, each of the images is re sampled according to the selected quality. If the original image is no longer on the system, the image is unchanged.

Image6 is the image that is initially visible before the cube starts rotating.


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9 Responses to “New Component: 3dCube”

  1. Josui says:

    I like the component, but, could you consider adding practical features such as some mouse actions? For example, mouse-clicking each image (1) displays the enlarged image and/or (2) opens up an associated URL in a user-defined target browser window. Without these actions, there’s not much use for the component.

    • jonh says:

      I agree, clickable faces would be good. I started working on it but the maths involved in detecting which face is being clicked is quite complex. The standard mouse events did not seem to work as the hit area is based on a rectangle that fits around the skewed face. I may revisit this at a later time.

  2. J Mer says:

    Why Flash?????

    HTML5 all the way.

  3. Eiji says:

    I made a this flash, corel draw x16 and SWiSH MAX4.
    Make a some object on corel draw,and this object “copy”,and “paste” to SWiSH MAX4.
    Easy to use!!

  4. Neo says:

    Hey Swishmax Team
    I write a mini api to use mochi with swishmax
    here is the download

    • hughb says:

      great!…please post this information in the forums for review. A blog comment isn’t going to get the visibility this deserves.



  5. ismail raza says:

    I always like flash , and in flash ” swish max “. Really a easy way for creating flash files for every one. Your new this component is very well . I want a software which help me for reduces sizes of flash files for using in websites , i really nead this . do u know about such software or u know any other method for reducing flash file sizes.Please please guide me.