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Dragging a Group of movie clips

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

When designing interfaces it is occassionally necessary to allow multiple selection and dragging. This SWiSH Max4 example could be used as the basis for such as design. The example demonstrates the use of the Mouse Listener and Keyboard Listener as well as the dynamic application of filters. The ClipClone component was used to create the multiple objects for dragging.

The example movie below demonstrates the final result. Multiple items can be selected by pressing Ctrl and mouse Left Click. Using Left Click outside of any object allows a selection rectangle to be drawn. On release, all items within the selection rectangle are selected. Clicking on one of the selected items initiates the drag sequence. On completion of the drag sequence, all items are de-selected.

An items selection status is indicated by a drop shadow.


Screencast: Mouse Dragging with miniMax3

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

We are often asked by new users how to add Events and Actions to their movies. This three minute screencast shows how to add mouse dragging to an object using miniMax3. The sample movie below demonstrates the final result. Left click on the red ball to drag it on the stage.


A Magnifying Glass

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

This SWiSH Max2 project demonstrates how to make a magnifying glass effect that allows a section of an image (or movie clip) to be shown in ‘magnified’ detail. Try it by dragging the “magnifying glass” to the area that you wish to view in more detail.

The project demonstrates a number of useful concepts including:

  • use of a pre-loader
  • startDrag and stopDrag
  • masking
  • use of the library (sorry, the content library is not available in SWiSH miniMax2)

The project .swi can be downloaded from here: