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Tutorial: Text effects with masking

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Masking allows an object to define the outline of a movie clip. This can be used to create truly hypnotic effects!  This tutorial will explain how to create the Hypnotic effect with SWiSH Max4 and provides suggestions for possible modifications that will allow you to design your own effects.


Tutorial: Gradient Masks

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Masking is a very useful technique used in Flash. By applying a mask you can modify the visible area below the mask. However a basic masking effect will have hard edges so if you want to apply alpha-transparency to the mask, it often involves tricks like creating separate gradient shapes that blend with the background. In any case, this isn’t a truly transparent mask effect. Since the introduction of Flash Player 8, it is possible to have an actual transparent mask. With some very simple actionscript code, you can turn any gradient shape into a mask for any other object. This tutorial explains how to setup a simple mask effect with SWiSH Max3.


A Magnifying Glass

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

This SWiSH Max2 project demonstrates how to make a magnifying glass effect that allows a section of an image (or movie clip) to be shown in ‘magnified’ detail. Try it by dragging the “magnifying glass” to the area that you wish to view in more detail.

The project demonstrates a number of useful concepts including:

  • use of a pre-loader
  • startDrag and stopDrag
  • masking
  • use of the library (sorry, the content library is not available in SWiSH miniMax2)

The project .swi can be downloaded from here: